Patents, Trademarks, Innovations
1967 Zoom lens for Arri Motion Picture film camera
1969 Cinema 35 Center, Hollywood, California. Design and construction of film studio sound stage and laboratory.
1983 Star Video System. Wide screen video projection system.
1984 Bayborough Plastics, fabrication of molded plastic showcase
for video cassettes distribution.
Television projection system for France and Canada.
Biotronix Needle destruction system. US Patent #4,877,934, NeedleSafe trademark.
1995 Bi-Press perfusion system. Trademark Bi-Press.
1996Orthoquest. Insole support.
John Burne and Jacques Descent developpers.
1997  Biotronix (Canada) large format needle destruction. Canadian patent #2209210 (1997, co-inventor Nick Delis).
1998 to 2009
Sanisafe System (self-cleaning disinfecting toilet system).
US Patent #5,813,057 (1998, co-inventor Jean Langevine)
US Patent #5,946,739 (1999)
US Patent #D427,296 (2001)
US Patent # D428,977 (2001)

Canadian Patent #2557704 (2006)
Habitas Exposition, Montreal, 1998, Best invention finalist award